88. Cailabs

Company: Cailabs

Founder: Jean-François Morizur

Website: https://www.cailabs.com/en/


About Cailabs


Founded in 2013, Cailabs is a global deep-tech company that combines outstanding engineering and expertise in laser light to design, manufacture and sell innovative optical solutions for defence, space, telecoms, and laser machining industries.

Cailabs manufactures turnkey optical ground stations, integrating its atmospheric turbulence compensation technology. That makes it one of the first companies to exploit the very high throughput rates enabled by optics in a ground station on an industrial scale.

It currently has more than 80 employees, including 22 PhD graduates, and owns 26 patent families. By combining its mastery of the science of light with outstanding engineering, Cailabs is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, accelerating progress and paving the way for a brighter future.


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