89. Disruptor London

Company: Disruptor London

Founders: Sira Dheshan Naidu and Juan Jose Jimenez Anca

Website: https://disruptor.london/uk


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About Disruptor London


Disruptor London, a brainchild of the visionary collaboration between Sira and Juan in 2021, emerges as a pioneering force committed to reshaping the beauty industry through an unwavering focus on sustainability and ethical practices. Anchored in a profound commitment to a cleaner and greener personal care ethos, Disruptor London embarks on a transformative journey to confront the urgent issue of plastic waste and champion eco-conscious practices.

At the core of Disruptor London’s innovative approach is the development of gender-neutral, vegan, and cruelty-free multitasking solid bars. These bars seamlessly integrate shampoo, conditioner, cleanser, and shave functions, streamlining beauty routines with a harmonious blend of efficacy and simplicity. Aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goal #12 (Responsible Consumption and Production) and spearheading the minimalism movement, Disruptor London not only minimises environmental impact but also ensures exceptional results for users.

To strategically embody their commitment to sustainability, Disruptor London adopts a manufacturing model that produces products in small, efficient batches at their London studio. This lean methodology not only reduces the carbon footprint but also eliminates unnecessary intermediaries between manufacturing and end users. Sira’s nearly two-decade-long experience in the beauty industry fueled a passion for dismantling wasteful practices ingrained in the traditional business model. Recognising that existing efforts to combat waste often focused solely on packaging, Sira and Juan boldly sought to reimagine personal care itself, infusing it with inherent sustainability.

Disruptor London’s dedication to environmental causes extends beyond its product line. Proudly collaborating with ‘CleanHub,’ they actively contribute to ocean cleaning initiatives in Indonesia. Additionally, they allocate 1% of their sales to ‘1%forthePlanet,’ significantly amplifying their commitment to the global ecosystem. With each purchase, customers not only experience superior haircare but actively participate in Disruptor London’s mission to safeguard the environment, underscoring that every stride toward sustainability counts.

As a self-funded startup, Disruptor London epitomises remarkable resourcefulness. Their proactive approach to seeking growth opportunities through competitions, grants, and programs bore fruit in 2022 when they secured one of only six coveted spots in a six-month intensive business accelerator program with the Central Research Laboratory.

In 2023, Disruptor London’s influence expanded rapidly, securing impactful B2B partnerships, including a notable collaboration with Sephora.co.uk. This stellar trajectory is further accentuated by a constellation of prestigious awards, including selection in the #SmallBiz100 by the Small Business Saturday UK campaign and their nomination for the Great British Entrepreneur of the Year 2023 in the National Early Stage Startup category.

The journey of Disruptor London serves as a powerful testament to the transformative power of passion, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to ethical business practices. With each confident stride forward, Disruptor London is not merely reshaping the beauty industry; it is propelling it toward an unequivocally greener and more sustainable future. True to its name, Disruptor London stands as a beacon of disruption, paving the way for a conscious and impactful beauty revolution.


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