90. Magma App

Company: Magma App

Founders: Edouard Petit and Joris Renaud

Website: https://www.magma.app/


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About Magma App


Making a life choice is a difficult decision to make. Do you remember the last time you were searching for a new job or a career switch? It is always difficult to really know what to expect and if this opportunity will fit with you.

How can you ensure that you’re making the right decision and have all the information to step into your future?

Magma offers the best solution to help your candidates make the right decision.
We provide the simplest way to connect them with your best ambassador employees and discover your company from an insider’s perspective.

  • Reducing your recruitment funnel time by 2
  • Increasing the number of candidates joining you by +20%
  • And creating a memorable experience with a real human touch

12 months after a pivot:

  • We multiply our revenue by 5x
  • We are breakeven since July
  • We’ve already helped more than 50k candidates to meet ambassadors (2k to join a company).

We are different because we created a fully integrated experience that required no app to download or account to create. Our technology creates a relationship with ambassadors directly through the platform you want Text message, WhatsApp, Linkedin, Instagram, or whatever…

No friction to use: just a pleasure to meet someone.


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