91. TechNET IT Recruitment Ltd

Company: TechNET IT Recruitment Ltd

Founders: Curtis Bailey and Shayne Simpson

Website: https://technet-it.co.uk/


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About TechNET IT Recruitment Ltd


TechNET IT Recruitment is a specialised IT recruitment agency at the forefront of innovation, integrating AI and automation to streamline internal operations and alleviate consultants from mundane administrative tasks, allowing them to spend more time on high-value tasks that require human attention.

Our mission is to enhance the consultant experience while delivering optimal services to candidates and clients. We employ a Net Promoter scoring (NPS) methodology, requesting candidates to rate their consultant’s performance on a 1 to 5 scale post-presentation. Alerts are triggered for scores below 3, and promptly addressed by the consultant’s line manager based on collected feedback.

This isn’t exclusively extended to candidates securing a role; rather, we extend it to all candidates in the process, regardless of the outcome. This approach ensures a genuine assessment of the experience we deliver, pinpointing areas for enhancement. Recognising the prevalent negative sentiments towards recruiters, often associated with subpar communication and disinterest, we actively address this in our daily operations.

Traditionally, recruitment consultants juggled administrative duties alongside their sales-focused roles, making their work cumbersome. Recognising this, we have invested in building a renowned technology stack of over 17 technology partners within the tech recruitment sector. Our participation in industry events, including speaking at Engage London 2022 where we earned the title ‘Automation Allstars,’ solidifies our reputation as industry leaders in connected recruitment, showcasing our commitment to technological advancement for operational excellence.

The adoption of our advanced tech stack not only facilitated our transition to a four-day workweek but also elevated productivity. Regular enhancements and additions to our technological features motivate our team, enabling them to focus on valuable tasks early in the week.

Our impressive results this year underscore our success. The average time to hire permanent employees is four weeks, a notable three weeks faster than the industry standard. For contract employees, our average time to hire is an impressive four days, outpacing the industry average of 10 days, thanks to the efficiency gained through tech and automation.

Our fill rates have soared from 40% to an outstanding 70% on new job opportunities, demonstrating our ability to connect candidates with roles effectively and showcasing consultant proficiency.

Leveraging our CRM system, our fill rate has increased from 85% to 87%. By nurturing and engaging our existing candidate community, we’ve cultivated trust and lasting relationships, reducing reliance on costly job boards. Notably, candidates engaged via automation boast an 89% higher placement rate, contributing to a 10-day reduction in time-to-fill perm roles, demonstrating the effectiveness of our streamlined hiring process.

Overall, we are still working hard with Bullhorn – the centre of all of our automation – to continue to build on our tech stack to give our team the best possible choice of technology to take advantage of. This has also been a driving factor for our talent attraction and retention at TechNET. In 2022, we experienced remarkable growth within our teams, with a total of 33 new hires across our recruitment group, with a plan of hiring 80+ over the next 3 years. Our technology offering certainly supports this.


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