92. Luscid

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Company: Luscid

Founders: Harry Coe and Damien Gillman

Website: https://luscid.com/


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About Luscid


Luscid is a software platform that helps brands deploy sponsorship and marketing budgets based on data-driven insights. Leveraging the power of the largest global dataset for the sponsorship industry, Luscid empowers users to better understand how customer’s behaviours, brand values, and business goals align with potential global sports and entertainment partnerships.

Providing accurate data in seconds, the platform offers the transparency and accountability sorely missing from traditional sponsorship approaches, removing bias from decision-making, while saving brands vital time and money.

Historically, the sponsorship industry has been largely driven by human biases, personal preferences and commercial agreements between consultants and rights-holders. The size of the global sponsorship market is approximately $200bn but brands have had limited access to the breadth of information required to make informed decisions. As a result, brands often enter into high-cost partnerships that do not align with their specific interests and needs. Seeking to address these systemic challenges, in 2022 Luscid developed a unique solution, putting objective data and actionable insights in the hands of those that need it the most.

Covering 500,000 historic and live partnerships over the last 15 years, and analysed across the globe, Luscid offers businesses an objective understanding of the global sponsorship market as well as a better understanding of how customers’ behaviours, brand values and business goals align with potential sports and entertainment partnerships. Users can search more than 85 genres across the breadth of the sports, e-sports, cultural and entertainment sectors and get actionable insights to inform better sponsorship decision-making.

By consolidating and analysing consumer survey data, media listening insight, search and social data, past deals, and performance metrics, Luscid can identify which partnership solutions are likely to be more successful or impactful to a brand’s consumer base. This ensures that brands are more likely to be paired with rights-holders that are not only complementary to their interests but also have a track record of delivering value to their target audience. Brands including Accor and Binance, as well as agencies and rights owners, rely on Luscid to supply clear and agnostic data to guide their strategies.


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