87. Outt Limited


Company: Outt Limited

Founders: Steve O’Brien, Mark Rigby, Ben Oakley, Natalie Karr, 2020

Website: https://outt.co.uk

Business:Outt.com is a tech-based labour marketplace helping employers find social care professionals for instant shifts and permanent jobs


About Outt

Outt.com is a revolutionary jobs marketplace addressing the social care staff shortages expected to increase by over 495,000. Aiming to disrupt the traditional nursing & care staff agency market (>£6.2bn niche) and help employers find ready to work staff for both temporary shifts and permanent roles.

Conceived in lockdown 2020, the Founders developed a way to remove traditional agencies and allow employers and candidates direct interaction after realising there was an opportunity to modernise the health and social care recruitment sector with a technology first, worker focused solution. Research shows that care professionals are leaving the sector and demanding more flexibility, answering this message was at the core of Outt’s mantra, allowing candidates control to work when, where and for the pay rate they want.

Twelve months later, team and technology are in place, ready to make an impact and address the sector’s increasing problem.




After a beta trading phase and receiving initial backing and support from InnovateUK, the tech is ready and expected to launch in December 2021 following completion of a Crowdcube campaign which is currently live. The team decided on crowdfunding as part of their social impact strategy, to allow care professionals the opportunity to own shares from just £10 and have a voice in the company’s direction.

Outt operates in a dual market, with customers being both candidates and employers. Outt offers candidates work flexibility, plus a 24-hour support service. Campaigning for fair pay and key worker rights struck a chord and test campaigns attracted over 700 registrations per month from excited care professionals. For employers Outt offers the opportunity to find experienced staff to fill permanent or last minute requirements without the need to engage an agency. Fees are competitive and documentation 100% transparent for ease and speed.

Achievements to date:
– £141k net profit FY Mar. ’21
– Awarded InnovateUK Government funding in 2020
– Currently participating in “The Growth Accelerator” Network Programme
– Strong media presence with articles published in iNews on fair pay and tax cuts for social care professionals

With hundreds of thousand additional care workers required by 2035, care professionals are in short supply and demanding work flexibility. This means that employers are searching for new staff solutions which Outt aims to provide. Once the funding round is complete in December21, Outt will ignite its prepared go to market strategy and work towards key city strategic expansion in 2022.


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