86. BoxxDocks

Company: BoxxDocks

Founder:Alessandro Attanzio, James Della Valle and Amarjit Pall

Website: https://www.boxxdocks.com/

Business: A service that maximise clients’ ability to ship and store more through smart logistics boxes.


About BoxxDocks

Boxxdocks maximises a client’s ability to ship and store more. Possible through the design of smart logistics boxes that collapse to their contents, allowing our clients to economically package; slashing wasted shipping space while in transit. Products are optimised by design to reduce plastic consumption reducing clients’ carbon footprint by 80% through the adoption of ELV (End of Life Vehicle) plastics.

Their vision is to transform the global shipping and logistics industry by reducing the carbon footprint and fuel consumption of delivery providers whilst maximising efficiency and space through the innovative engineering of smart boxes. Seamlessly integrating into existing logistics and delivery systems, the smart boxes incorporate both autonomous and manual folding features whilst accommodating flexibility to be integrated into our future IoT product lineup.




Initially founded during the COVID-19 pandemic, Boxxdocks Ltd is a tech and logistics startup, based in London, comprised of a collection of energetic thinkers, designers, and doers with varied backgrounds. All employees share a bold and exciting vision for the future of the logistics and shipping sector.

Since the founding back in February 2021, BoxxDocks has developed a series of UK based relationships with manufacturers, hauliers, prototyping specialists, and potential clients to manufacture and launch our flagship product “Nest Boxx”. They have several large anchor clients reviewing the products today, operating in the pharmaceutical industry in both UK and US markets and will be key in the successful adoption of the nest box product.

They have successfully partnered with UCL (University College London) and Enterprise steps, part-funded by EU growth fund, both fostering the growth and development of BoxxDocks sharing their sustainable vision. They have also successfully registered Trademarks and IP protection against the brand and flag ship product line.

They have completed the final round of prototyping of their second sustainable and smart logistics Bike Box set to launch early 2022, and are in the early stages of prototyping on an extended line of Nest Boxx product line. The successful rolling out of their website included full CGI product videos helping them reach a larger target market, promoting their sustainable vision.

In early 2022, they plan for continued development of their relationship within the logistics line up and sorting suppliers (regarding Nest Boxx) – eventual order (Potential March 2022), and the manufacturing of the Nest Boxx injection moulding tool. (5-month manufacture time). This will be triggered by the Initial purchase and investment of Nest Boxx in partnership with Avalon plastics.

They are also overseeing the eventual manufacturing of the box (June 2022) and currently working on the 2nd prototype construction (full design completion December 2021). They are developing a UK based manufacturer and supplier of the correx 5mm plastic sheets, cut and stamped to size (January 2022) and a marketing strategy for the rollout and sales of the Bike Boxx shipping product (January – February 2022).

With investment they also hope for a potential key hiring of a logistics supply chain manager or B to C industry expert to run and oversee successful roll out of Bike Boxx and subsequent marketing and finance.


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