88. Exobotics – Nadeem Gabbani

Company: Exobotics

Founder: Nadeem Gabbani

Website: https://exobotics.space

Business: Exobotics is a scalable, modular roving platform, providing low-cost, high-performance solutions for lunar operations.


About Nadeem and Exobotics

Exobotics is a satellite development company based in London, Cambridge, and Cornwall, offering nano-satellite testing and manufacturing to customers outside the space industry, acting like their in-house satellite development team.

The company was founded in 2018 to meet the wishes of customers looking to get to low Earth orbit and the Moon, but without the space expertise to make it there efficiently. Businesses don’t want to spent tens of millions and wait several years to get into space.

Exobotics serves to help those from outside the space industry by acting as an integrated development team overseeing the end-to-end process of designing, manufacturing, and testing nano-satellite systems in under 12 months through their fast-track programme.




To meet demand, Exobotics opened up a 2,000 square foot facility in Chiswick, London earlier this year, home to their engineering labs, clean room, and testing equipment.

At the labs, Exobotics is currently manufacturing three CubeSats with bespoke integrated payloads due to be launched into low Earth orbit aboard a Space X Falcon-9 rideshare later this year. These satellites will provide Earth Observation insights which can help the mining, agriculture, and FinTech industries. Another mission launching next year, will be among the first to demonstrate nano-satellite technology beyond low Earth orbit.

Exobotics also allow customers to add satellite and testing products to the shopping cart, including XO-BUS, 1-27U scale nano-satellite systems, and XO-VAC, a desktop thermal vacuum chamber, to make space more accessible for all.


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