89. Kitt Medical – Zak Marks and James Cohen

Company: Kitt

Founders: Zak Marks and James Cohen

Website: https://kittmedical.com/

Business: Kitt is an emergency anaphylaxis treatment kit combined with medical training and incident reporting, provided as a subscription service.


About Zak, James and Kitt

Kitt is an emergency anaphylaxis treatment kit combined with medical training and incident reporting, all in one affordable subscription service.

Kitt’s founder, Zak, suffers with a life threatening nut allergy. He came up with the idea for Kitt in 2020 during his final year major project studying Industrial Design at Loughborough University as a way to implement change, battle the stigma and save lives.

James joined Zak as co-founder at the start of 2021, and since then, they’ve raised funding, run a successful pilot, won the Mayor of London Entrepreneur award and partnered with ALK – a multinational pharmaceutical company leading innovation in allergy care.




3 million people have known allergies in the UK alone, and up to 550 million worldwide. Anyone can develop an allergy to anything at any time in their lives – in fact, 20% of anaphylaxis incidents in UK schools occur in children with no prior history of allergies. On top of this, children with food allergies are also twice as likely to be bullied by others, especially in a school environment, in part due to the misunderstanding of anaphylaxis and its severity as a life-threatening condition.

As an all-inclusive subscription service package, the product is priced at £500 per Kitt, per year. Initially, though the company’s WDA licence, Kitt will be sold to the 32,000 schools in the UK, as purchase of AAIs is permitted. The team at Kitt have found that, on average, primary schools will install 1-2 Kitt’s and secondary schools will install 3-4.

Through Kitt’s successful pilot phase with 7 schools in the UK, as well as their market research, Zak and James have validated their business, and are moving towards a full launch at the start of 2023.

Kitt’s presence in schools will open up conversations around mental health and allergies for kids of all ages. The team at Kitt hope that their product will be a vehicle for change, one that tackles the stigma associated with allergies.


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