90. STPL


Company: STPL

Founders: David Biren, Jacob Biren, Alex Schimmel and Benjamin Schimmel

Website: https://stplwear.com/

Business: Men’s clothing brand focusing on longer lifespan, tailored fit and ethical sourcing.


About STPL

STPL started with the foundation of every man’s wardrobe. Rooted in a classic style that’s all your own. Dressed down. Suited up. Worn with purpose.

They work closely with ethical factories to create pieces that fit perfectly, while being made to last. Providing a better life for the people who make them. Without causing unnecessary harm to the planet.

These principles are stitched into the fabric of each STPL garment.




STPL use Pima Cotton for their clothes. This is because Pima and Egyptian cotton have longer cotton fibres, these longer fibres create a premium fabric that is luxuriously soft and incredibly strong

In fact Pima cotton is known as The Silk of South America, for its softness and silky appearance.

STPL believe that the clothing men wear on rotation should be created with as much care and attention to detail as your tailored suits. Basics should stand the test of time, be comfortable enough to wear every day and be beautifully crafted for additional style.

This is why STPL have partnered with world-class tailors trained in Milan and London’s Savile Row to ensure every last detail is thought through.

They don’t want to create any old basic shirt, but an exceptional product that’s been perfected, from the material used and the cut and the tailoring to the finer details like the stitching and ribbing. They are confident our finished staple is durable, of expert quality and is beautifully tailored to the form of the body.

STPL’s approach to fashion fuses a luxury mentality with conscious values. Being ethical is a duty at STPL and they strive to create amazing products with the least amount of impact on the environment. Every resource they use is considered with the planet in mind and we are constantly evolving and finding new ways to be green.

STPL are committed to offering luxury products following ethical practices at an affordable price tag. Each STPL product represents an investment into the future by eliminating fast fashion and the damage it causes.

They are proud to have achieved affordability that rivals many brands with a similar commitment to exceptional material, craftsmanship and sustainability.


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