91. ana. Allergy Care Ltd

Company: ana. Allergy Care Ltd

Founder: Zak Marks

Website: https://www.ana.systems/

Business: All-in-one anaphylaxis prevention and treatment system designed for schools.


About ana. Allergy Care Ltd

Founder of ana. Allergy Care Ltd Zak has been deathly allergic to nuts his entire life. He carries two adrenaline auto-injectors & a salbutamol inhaler with him wherever he goes in case a life-threatening accident occurs and he goes into anaphylactic shock.

In 2020, whilst completing his final year of my Industrial Design degree at Loughborough University, he discovered that up to 1 in 5 people with allergies live in fear of death from anaphylactic shock. Having always found living with anaphylaxis to be a burden, he became determined to create a solution that could treat allergy sufferers in an emergency, wherever they were.

He wanted to design something that could work like a defibrillator, but for allergies. Something that could change the narrative, break the stigma, save lives, and become the new standard for allergy care.


ana allergy care


Between 240 million and 550 million people have food allergies worldwide. 1 in 5 people with allergies live in fear of death from anaphylaxis (serious allergic reactions). 20 deaths from anaphylaxis are reported annually in the UK alone. Yet despite these shocking figures, almost 50% of people who suffer from serious allergies leave their emergency medication at home.

That’s where the idea for ana. came from, and since, they’ve created an anaphylaxis prevention and treatment system designed for schools & public spaces. It combines life-saving medication with easy-to-follow instructions, an online management system, and training resources. Their online application allows schools to stay one step ahead, with features including a medication expiration manager and student allergy profile register.

Together we’ve been able to take the business to new heights, as we have recently raised our first round of funding and launched our pilot phase in select schools across England! After an official launch in schools next year, they’ll tackle public auto-injector legislation to allow them to expand into other venue spaces including restaurants, offices and stadiums to name a few.


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