93. Adventropia – Konstantinos Dimopoulos

Company: Adventropia

Founder: Konstantinos Dimopoulos

Website: Adventropia

Business: A travel booking platform for people interested in adventure tarvel.


About Konstantinos and Adventropia

Konstantinos, the founder of Adventropia is a passionate adventurer, with professional experience in the hospitality and travel industry.

Adventropia is not only building a platform, but aims to empower people to join outdoor activities and travel more sustainably, respecting nature and the traditions of the local communities, and at the same time giving local people an opportunity to increase their income and be familiar with the technology.



Adventropia is transforming chaotic booking processes into just 3 simple steps expecting to reduce the dropout rate by 50% by using their technology to match adventurers with guides and other travellers, based on their experience level and other preferences.


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