92. Tradeteq – Christoph Gugelmann & Nils Behling

Company: Tradeteq

Founders: Christoph Gugelmann & Nils Behling

Website: https://www.tradeteq.com/

Business: Tradeteq is the leading provider of data, technology, and software for private debt & real asset distribution and investment.


About Christoph, Nils and Tradeteq

Tradeteq was founded in 2016 by Christoph Gugelmann and Nils Behling, with the intention of making trade finance an investible asset class by leveraging AI and automation technology. If trade finance assets become easily distributable, the non-bank investment will increase and banks will be able to support a greater number of businesses; all without compromising regulatory frameworks or taking on additional risk.

Since its establishment, Tradeteq has developed an active network of banks and funders – reducing barriers to entry for the non-bank investment community, improving standardisation and transparency, and creating common data standards and definitions to enhance operational efficiency and risk management. illiquid credit as an asset class benefits from a reduced level of risk, making it an attractive opportunity for investors, with an estimated $3trn of assets under management globally.

Its platform packages illiquid assets into notes that institutional investors can buy and sell easily and automates the distribution process to reduce the friction involved.



There were some great highlights in 2022, with the launch of TRADA Tokens. A trade finance-backed fungible security token regulated based on an FMA prospectus. This was done to bring significant liquidity to the trade finance sector by securitizing a traditionally illiquid asset class on the XDC Network – a public, decentralized blockchain. TRADA Tokens sought to overcome the high barriers to entry by fractionalizing and tokenizing pools of repackaged, securitized trade finance assets, whilst also offering SMEs the world over unprecedented access to the financing on which they depend.

Secondary marketplace Tradeteq also launched Tradeteq Access Lite this year, the first-ever marketplace for buy-side investors to participate in the secondary trading of trade finance assets. The lack of a secondary trading market has left many corporates underserved when it comes to funding, contributing to a trade finance gap – the shortfall between supply and demand – which is estimated at $1.7 trillion. By distributing trade finance assets to capital markets, banks can increase their net interest income, free up their balance sheets and do more with less.


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