91. Sleepwave – Jules Goldberg

Company: Sleepwave

Founder: Jules Goldberg

Website: https://sleepwave.com/

Business: Sleepwave is the revolutionary motion-sensing smart alarm and sleep-tracking app that wakes you up feeling fresh.


About Jules and Sleepwave

The app has been developed by the experienced team behind the top-rated health app SnoreLab. Launched in 2022, Sleepwave is addressing an overlooked area of sleep health: the quality of our morning wake-up. Many people are woken in the morning by harsh, fixed-time alarms that often sound at a bad moment for our bodies and brains.

In the UK alone, 62% of adults have difficulty waking up more than twice a week and 47% hate the sound of their alarm.* Improving how people wake up is not an easy problem to solve as doing it effectively requires technology to detect how deeply we are sleeping. Sleepwave has developed breakthrough technology that senses your movements to track your sleep and wake you up better. By transmitting an inaudible sound wave from a phone’s speaker and listening to the reflections caused by motion, Sleepwave’s patent-pending technology enables advanced estimation of wakefulness, breathing and sleep depth and a motion-sensing smart alarm that sounds when you are naturally awakening.

New and improved technology for sleep tracking makes it unique. Sleepwave’s technology can detect breathing, and movements and estimate sleep phases. It is more convenient and accessible. Sleepwave works from a phone on a bedside table and doesn’t require a wearable device – A better way to wake up in the mornings.

By linking the alarm to your body movements, Sleepwave wakes you at a great moment and can help combat sleep inertia and feelings of grogginess. The main challenge we’ve overcome is to develop contactless motion-sensing technology that works on most phones using existing hardware. The app itself is packed full of innovative features, from motion-sensing visualisations to its gentle awakening feature. However, we’ve decided to focus first on solving a large problem: how people wake up in the morning.



Sleepwave has had very encouraging feedback from its users, with 78% reporting that the quality of their wake-up had improved and the app receiving more than a thousand 5-star ratings on the App Store and 100,000 downloads in just a few months. The ambition for Sleepwave is to become the leading sleep-tracking and smart alarm app. They also plan to spin out future apps using our patent-pending technology.

*Source: July 2022 survey of 2,000 adults across the UK, commissioned by Sleepwave and conducted by YouGov.


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