93. Builderstorm Ltd

Company:Builderstorm Ltd

Founder: James Sandwick, 2015

Website: http://www.builderstorm.com

Business: Providing all of the software a construction company needs to collaborate effectively and compliantly, BuilderStorm is taking construction to a digital level.


About Builderstorm Ltd

BuilderStorm’s objective is taking construction to a digital level. Focusing on governance, being green, working smarter and working collaboratively.

Starting in September 2015, BuilderStorm set out to help construction projects manage documents such as drawings and training material as well as managing requests for information (RFIs). It continued to evolve to more advanced document control taking documents digitally, with the ability to push through a trackable submittal process. Inducting people on site and having their own app for a mobile.



With Construction having a heavy focus on health and safety the platform provides clients with a clear audit trail from first drawing to final build, with all the bits in between.

BuilderStorm only achieved this by collaborating with clients and really getting their hands dirty (excuse the pun) by seeing first hand on sites how they can continuously improve things and therefore making the project leaner and greener! Working with large house builders strategically BuilderStorm can map their development path in line with governance and compliance changes that impact the way in which projects need to run.

When Covid struck, BuilderStorm were immediately in a position to add QR codes to the online documents so that guest books, complete with full audit trail, existed. They could also assist construction projects to keep on moving, when not everyone could be in the same place due to restrictions.

BuilderStorm are now working with companies to be more sustainable and to consider their carbon footprint, all of which can be achieved through the platform with their servers operating on 0% carbon emissions. To date BuilderStorm clients have saved in excess of 40 trees and have helped managed 2800 building projects to completion.

BuilderStorm pride themselves on being real people working with like minded people.


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