Company: GENIE

Founders: Nicky Badenoch, Nick Grime, Bonnie Harold and Christian Hartmann, 2019

Website: https://meetgenie.co/

Business: The first automated talent agent for the creative industries that matches freelance talent to opportunities.



GENIE is the first automated talent agent for the creative industries. GENIE is software that intelligently matches freelance talent to opportunities at speed, playing on the accelerating trends in how corporate workforces are becoming more agile and flexible to scale up and down at speed.

As GENIE’s Chairman, Sir John Hegarty, summed up, “Since the beginning of time mankind has been obsessed with two things: speed and access”. Today, for companies, it’s a war to win the best talent. The team started GENIE because having worked for decades as pre-eminent headhunters to the creative industry, they saw a white space. Competitors were (and still are) focused on compliance and payment handling. No one is looking at the high value creation; matching at speed.

Unashamedly their keystone-mantra is to be talent-first. That’s why their solution is framed through the lens of the talent. For talent, GENIE is a personality, who builds a 1-2-1 relationship via an in app messaging interface. GENIE smart profiles the talent, segmenting their superpowers so they can be matched to briefs that unleash their potential.



GENIE now boasts 16.4% compounded MOM average growth for the trailing 12 months. Client users include Philips, Publicis Groupe (Saatchi and Saatchi), Accenture (Creative Drive), S4 Capital (Media Monks), Pentland Group (Speedo & Berghaus) and Vice Media to name just a few. The fastest ‘brief to hire’ is a staggering 7 minutes with Vice Media.

Since starting the business in 2019, there have been a tonne of challenges and learnings. From setting up the operational processes to meet the inbound demand which allows us to scale quickly, to listening to the feedback of client users, who wanted to be able to use the system to match and book talent from their own VIP networks.

Hiring managers were briefing GENIE after they had spent an afternoon calling round their own shortlist of talent only to find no-one was available. The next iteration of GENIE is an operating system for hiring companies. Already in the hands of their current client set, GENIE.OS is a software-as-a-service offer. GENIE.OS enables companies to match, access live availability, power their own VIP networks, flexibly book, manage compliance/payment and surface live data to enable hiring companies to operate at their A-game.

GENIE is the first to intelligently match at speed. In terms of what lies ahead, the total matching and bookings market is growing at an exponential rate – there are so many applications for GENIE’s IP. The Creative Industries is just the start.


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