95. Reef App

Company: Reef App

Founder: James Coughlan, 2019

Website: https://www.reef.rocks/

Business: Creating third workspaces to bridge the gap between office and home working.


About Reef App

The concept for Reef App was thought up by MD James Coughlan in 2019. He was fed up of having to work from the same, unfulfilling spaces when travelling, so he began creating an app where people could find their perfect workspaces, wherever they were in the world. When Covid hit, it became apparent that Reef was going to become even more important.

Reef App creates third workspaces, bridging the gap between office and home working – something which is increasingly important in this new era of remote and hybrid working. The app connects businesses with hospitality venues across the world. Bars, cafes, restaurants and hotels can specify what space they have available for people to come in and work from (and when). Businesses can then subscribe to the app for their workforce, allowing employees to find appropriate and convenient space to work.

It’s a win win for businesses, which can secure free, flexible and convenient space that works for their employees, and for hospitality venues which can fill tables at quieter times. The app has been in development for two years and will officially launch on 23rd November at the Digital Marketing World Forum in Amsterdam. Pre-launch the app already has 150 UK venues lined up and over 400 users on the waiting list to subscribe.




As we enter 2022, the Reef team will be focusing on growing the number of hospitality venues signed up across the world. One way that will be achieved is by making the system compatible with the Design My Night software that many venues use to manage their space. That should be achieved by the end of November 2021.

Reef App has also already agreed numerous partnerships with brands such as FitBit, Jabra and Hotbox to offer discounts of up to 42% to users of the app. Businesses and individuals will be able to purchase technology and accessories at a reduced cost to help remote working run more smoothly and to ensure they’re looking after their own health and wellbeing.

James told us: “Reef is unlike any of the other solutions out there in that it is the only remote working solution focusing on a B2B monthly subscription revenue stream coupled with unrivalled user benefits for employers and their staff.”

They will also be able to access discounts on food and drink at venues. With the launch of its new app imminent and remote working here to stay, Reef App is one to watch.


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