96. Staffbase

Company: Staffbase

Founders: Frank Wolf, 2014

Website: https://staffbase.com/en/

Business: Helping organisations to communicate better and enhance the employee experience.


About Staffbase

Staffbase was founded in 2014 to help organisations enhance employee experience and better communicate with their workforces. Headquartered in Germany, with operations in the UK and over 450 employees worldwide, it is now one of the fastest growing internal comms platforms for enterprise companies.

Over the past seven years Staffbase have successfully onboarded over 1,000 customers – including Adidas, Audi, Ikea and Johns Hopkins University – and have enabled organisations to reach over two million employees globally.

The technology allows businesses to communicate with their workers securely and simply, whether they are in the office, at home, on the factory floor or on the road. Built on the belief that a company’s people are its most important asset, the platform plays a key role in keeping employees informed and engaged, giving them an easy way to access relevant information across different devices. With user experience front and centre, the platform integrates with software such as SAP and Office 365 acting as the ‘front door’ to a connected digital enterprise.

Being able to communicate effectively with employees regardless of their location gained new significance during the pandemic. Companies relied on internal communicators more than ever before to share vital information across their organisations, which led to a fundamental shift in the way people regard the discipline itself. Internal comms is now seen as a key business unit, essential to the future of work.




As businesses prioritise talent retention and attraction amid the ‘Great Resignation’, the need for internal comms strategies is just as vital. The technology is here to help, allowing companies to communicate with employees quickly and easily on one unified, branded platform. The demand for our technology can be illustrated by our recent funding round: in March 2021, we raised a $145 million (€122 million) Series D, led by General Atlantic.

Deskless workers make up nearly 80% of the global workforce, but retention rates are low. Communicating effectively with non-desk workers is critical to keeping them engaged, yet organisations have struggled to get it right.

One of the key goals is to ensure that leaders are able to bridge the communications gap for non-desk workers. The employee app runs on all mobile devices, making sure everyone in an organisation has access to important information such as health and safety precautions. Reinert Logistics – a transport and logistics company – saw a 15% reduction of safety incidents as a result of implementing Staffbase.

The employee app enables push notifications – a valuable tool for reaching workers who lack corporate email addresses or company desktops. Corporate news updates and social channels can also be tailored to each employee, promoting a feeling of alignment within teams and the wider company.



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