95. Futr AI – Andy Wilkins

Company: Futr AI

Founders: Andy Wilkins & Lee Skyrme

Website: http://www.futr.ai/

Business: An intelligent chat service that offers live chats with AI bots that can auto-translate messages into 100+ languages.


About Andy, Lee and Futr

Futr AI was born in 2017 when Andy and co-founder Lee Skyrme saw the huge opportunity to use cutting-edge artificial intelligence to transform the way we access public and social services. Futr’s mission is to make critical services available to everyone, removing any language, channel or service hours barriers.

Futr now works with multiple Police forces, and the NHS, alongside housing associations and many charities. In 2020, the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM), a UK-based suicide prevention charity, partnered with Futr to build a custom chatbot in order to signpost people in need. During the pandemic, the number of calls to CALM rose quickly, with the charity handling over 123,000 enquiries during the lockdowns. Futr’s AI chatbot, available on CALM’s website, WhatsApp and Facebook, has had an incredible measurable impact in its first 12 months. It has completed over 24,000 separate chats, 48% of which are return users, and has answered over 54,000 questions, with an average response time of 1.1 seconds.



Futr’s work within this area of mental health services is leading the movement against suicide by helping to fuel digital transformation within the charity advice sector.

Their work with the police force on domestic violence continues to grow while the services they provide retailers, housing associations, charities and other critical service providers also continue to grow. Their plan is to accelerate this and make services available to everyone without any barriers.


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