96. Yuty® – Simi Lindgren

Simi Lindgren Yuty

Company: Yuty®

Founder: Simi Lindgren

Website: https://www.yuty.me/consumers

Business: an AI beauty tech solution for personalisation, helping consumers find the right products for them.


About Simi and Yuty

Searching for the right products in a crowded beauty market can be overwhelming, frustrating and downright confusing. Yuty takes away the pain of researching ingredients and checking packaging. Their AI elevates the buying experience, making it easier to shop, and leaving you to enjoy the process.

YUTY is rooted in sustainability – which means social equity + reducing waste, leaving the world in a better place for future generations. Which is why their panel of experts curates brands which align with your values, while preserving product efficacy.

Brands listed feature ethically sourced ingredients that fall within the clean ingredients category and claims, as well as intentional packaging which is either recyclable or reusable. They are also conscious of the environment and their carbon impact from manufacture to delivery.


yuty logo


In 2015, Simi started a journey to realise an idea. Her buying journey was a nightmare until this point—she was riddled with confusion, and felt under- and overwhelmed by beauty products.

In 2020, Yuty (pronounced yoo-tea) was born. A portmanteau of you and beauty, Yuty powered the conscious beauty marketplace Yutybazar (taken from the word bazaar, a place to purchase goods) and helped match customers from around the world to beauty products made by innovative brands.


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