97. Mind Foundry – Brian Mullins

Company: Mind Foundry

Founders: Steve Roberts and Michael Osborne

Website: https://www.mindfoundry.ai/

Business: Mind Foundry is an Oxford University company that combines innovation, research, and usability to empower teams with AI for high-stakes applications.


About Brian Mullins and Mind Foundry

Mind Foundry was founded by world-leading academics, Professors Steve Roberts and Michael Osborn, at Oxford University, with over three decades of groundbreaking research behind them.

Brian Mullins is an entrepreneur and technical leader with over a decade of experience in high growth technology companies. Mullins became CEO of Mind Foundry in 2019. Mind Foundry was created to increase access to AI that can radically transform our world for good. The team develops AI solutions to help organisations tackle high-stakes problems, focusing on human outcomes and the long-term impact of AI interventions.

Mind Foundry brings together the world’s best scientists, engineers, and design thinkers to empower AI design, testing and deployment, enabling stakeholders to manage their AI investment responsibly with a key focus on performance, efficiency and ethical impact.

Today, Mind Foundry’s customers use it for everything from detecting fraud costing businesses millions of dollars to Edge AI Processing in extreme conditions, empowering organisations to transform their data into knowledge, actions and outcomes that can transform society for the better.



Mind Foundry Logo



Mind Foundry worked closely with Aioi Nissay Dowa UK to understand the telltale signs of fraud from a human perspective and embed that into a three-pronged AI solution. Furthermore, in partnership with Palantir, Mind Foundry’s ultra-low-power image segmentation model was launched into space to perform in-orbit data processing that improves our ability to make timely, informed solutions to address critical global priorities, like combatting climate change, preventing disasters, and improving emergency response.

Mind Foundry continues to grow in the UK and beyond, attracting the world’s best scientists, engineers, and researchers to create innovative solutions for the most challenging problems in high-stakes applications of Insurance, Defence and Government.

They are continuously striving to create a future where humans and AI work together to solve the world’s most important problems


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