95. WeArisma

Jenny Tsai headshot

Company: WeArisma

Founder: Jenny Tsai

Website: https://www.wearisma.com/


Influencer Marketing & Analytics Platform - WeArisma


About WeArisma


WeArisma’s earned analytics platform helps brands grow and optimise their earned media and influencer marketing RoI. We help some of the world’s most valuable luxury, fashion and Fortune 500 brands including Hermès, Unilever and Primark – to measure the impact of working with influential sources, grow brand affinity and drive commercial impact.

Through cutting-edge AI and machine learning capabilities, we showcase which brands, products, topics and content target customers are influenced by, and offer unique and actionable insights enabling brands to drive higher returns at a much lower cost.

Founded in 2015 by Jenny Tsai, who had been inspired by the book Moneyball to apply the principle of data analytics to earned media, WeArisma helps brands increase their earned influence and optimise influencer RoI. The platform draws on over 7 years of historical global data across more than 15,000 brands, 70+ countries, 20+ languages and key social media platforms, which previously led to it being described by Business Insider as “the only credible independent global source of the data in the market”.

The need amongst brands for actionable data and insights to make informed decisions on their earned media strategy has never been greater. Consumers’ purchasing journeys are becoming increasingly fragmented, driven by changing habits in where and how they interact with brands. Google used to be the primary place where consumers discover brands and products. However, with over 4.5 billion people on social media, 75% of consumers now start their purchasing journeys much earlier on, discovering brands on personalised social feeds recommended by influential third-party sources – namely influencers, celebrities and the press.

This shift from brand-owned channels and search engines to recommendations from influential sources makes it vital for brands to truly understand how these channels impact brand discovery and performance, as well as how they can use them strategically to generate value for the brand. Companies need to assess how and if their brands and products are being recommended across billions of social feeds and how they can improve.

With WeArisma, brands are armed with the data and insights to increase their discoverability and outperform their competitors. We are helping transform the influencer marketing industry from one that looked set to be highly commoditised and untrustworthy to one of the most authentic channels in the digital era.


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