96. Toqio

Company: Toqio

Founders: Eduardo Martinez Garcia and Michael Galvin

Website: https://toqio.co/TOQIO Secures €20M to be the Platform of Choice for Building New Fintech Solutions | Financial IT

About Toqio


Toqio is an embedded finance platform that makes creating and integrating financial services simple. Instead of wasting time and money building something in-house, Toqio offers a quicker, cost-effective way to embed financial products.

With Toqio, you can bring your concept to market in just a few weeks, saving considerably on development, maintenance, and personnel costs. The platform’s modular approach means companies can customize solutions without having to delve too deeply into technical details. Most features can be toggled on or off with the flip of a switch.

Companies can start with a no-code build for speed and enhance features as they grow in a low-code environment. Toqio provides numerous advantages, including an easy-to-use administrative platform, the elimination of delivery risk, extensive UI and workflow customization options, bank-grade security and compliance, and the ability to integrate disparate corporate systems to orchestrate them all from one place.


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