52. Construction Wave – Andrew Curtin

Company: Construction Wave

Founder: Andrew Curtin

Website: https://constructionwave.co.uk/

Business: Construction Wave is B2B media company providing news and insights to construction executives.


About Andrew and Construction Wave

In September 2020 Andrew started a content marketing agency for construction companies, as the construction industry had been facing a serious recruitment problem within the last few years.

After over a year into the business, Andrew noticed that the availability of quality news and insights within the construction industry was severely lacking. He saw that although plenty of relevant news sites existed, the quality of their content was low.

This is why he chose to pivot his company from being an agency to a publisher. He used his keen eye for quality content and combined it with his industry connections. This is how Construction Wave was launched.

Construction Wave has been going from strength to strength, and have even signed Katie Kelleher, a well-known construction personality, to be their podcast host.

construction wave


Andrew’s goal is to bring construction news into the digital age. His platform aims to provide a high standard of journalism, as well as a pleasant experience from a UX point of view. His goal is to “make construction less archaic”.

The company is bootstrapped, having taken zero outside funding. This means that they are able to take a slower pace and have only themselves to answer to. However, they are keen to grow the editorial team, and are therefore considering taking on investment in the future.

The eventual goal is making Construction Wave a household brand within the industry. However, Construction Wave also has plenty of short-term goals, including growing their newsletter and their podcast network in an attempt to be the next generation of construction media.


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