51. V1CE – Haydn Price

Company: V1CE

Founder: Haydn Price

Website: https://v1ce.co/

Business: V1CE uses NFC (near field communication) technology to create alternative business cards that allow you to transfer contact details and social media details to others when tapped on a smartphone.


About V1CE

V1CE was founded in 2020 by Haydn Price with the intention of designing an alternative business card that has integrated NFC chips within the card making it easier for networking and transmitting information by tapping the card onto a smartphone.These digital business cards help with brand growth, building social networks and the increasing company presence. They also have the added environmental benefit of reducing over-production of traditional business cards which are made of paper.


V1CE Logo


With different card materials such as metal, bamboo and plastic with each one at a different price point these cards are unique in that they are all customisable, allowing businesses to adapt to their own needs. If any details change users can alter their details in real-time and data is fully encrypted to provide additional protection.

V1CE have also launched NFC phone cases that contains the V1CE software in your phone reducing to allow for even easier networking opportunities.


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