50. Sojo – Josephine Philips

Company: Sojo

Founder: Josephine Philips

Website: https://home.sojo.uk/

Business: making the fashion industry circular through an integrated, seamless and scalable clothing alterations & repair solution


About Josephine and Sojo

Fashion has a waste problem. The industry currently places value in neither the products it creates nor the people who create them. At Sojo, they want to be part of a global movement towards sustainability, both environmental and social.

At Sojo, they want to make it easy for everyone to show their clothes the love they deserve. They do this through alteration and repair of clothing. This gives consumers the chance to wear and love clothes that are uniquely theirs. It also allows consumers to love their clothes for longer.




They love fashion, but they also think our industry has work to do. Wearing an item five times produces 400% more carbon than wearing it 50 times. Sustainability is at the heart of Sojo. When customers make an alteration or repair with Sojo, they are preventing their clothes from joining the 13 million items per week that go to landfill in the UK.

At Sojo, they value people, their personalities and their experiences. Sojo is fully committed to becoming a company that reflects the wider world, through the people that work there, those who they work with and those who support them.

At Sojo, they understand that we live in an imperfect world: not everyone, Sojo included, can be constantly as sustainable as we would like to be. We can however act with the right intentions and celebrate when we get things right just as we do not hide our failures and strive to improve ourselves.

Sojo strives to be the best version of ourselves, whether that is personally or professionally. We push themselves to do the best they can.


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