49. Legislate – Charles Brecque


Company: Legislate

Founder: Charles Brecque

Website: https://www.legislate.tech/

Business: Legislate is a contract management platform that allows non-lawyers to safely create, manage and search lawyer-approved contracts on no legal budget.


About Charles and Legislate

Legislate is aimed primarily at non-lawyers and aims to streamline end-to-end workflows which involve contracts. It is a legal technology company founded in Oxford that makes it easy for non-lawyers to safely create, manage and search lawyer-approved contracts on no legal budget.

Legislate’s contract management software is built on patented knowledge graph technology which makes contract data usable and searchable at scale.

The software offers a number of essential lawyer-approved contracts for small businesses, landlords and letting agents including NDAs, employment contracts, and tenancy agreements. Legislate helps users to produce error-free contracts quickly and handles cross team communication until the contract is signed via e signature, saving users 3 hours per contract on average.

Prior to starting Legislate, Charles had a business development role at a start-up. He spent half his time processing contracts. Creating, negotiating, and tracking simple contracts was painfully difficult and slow which resulted in lost deals and revenue for the company.




In April 2020, Charles started Legislate with the mission to make simple agreements machine-readable using a type of AI called knowledge graphs. The idea itself helped Charles secure £150k in angel funding which contributed toward building the first version of Legislate.

Since April 2020, Legislate has since raised 1 million in pre-seed funding and grown to a team of 12 split between Seville and London. They also hold 2 US patents that recognise and protect their technology from competitors.

In November 2022 they crossed 200 paying customers, just 3 months after reaching 100 paying customers. They have recently launched their outbound strategy to reach larger organisations which recognise the importance of legal matters.

Legislate’s plan is to open up contract data so that workflows can be automated beyond the contract. This means setting up pensions, and payroll automatically after an employment contract has been signed.

Legislate’s market reach has proven there is high demand for our product worldwide. Currently, their contracts are governed by the laws of England and Wales but the goal is to expand its applicability to other countries and jurisdictions including the US.


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