48. Stratio – Rui Sales and Ricardo Margalho

Rui Sales Ricardo Margalho Stratio

Company: Stratio

Founder: Rui Sales and Ricardo Margalho

Website:  https://stratioautomotive.com/

Business: Stratio is a predictive maintenance solution that uses AI to predict faults in key components.


About Rui, Ricardo and Stratio

Stratio was created to solve the problem of vehicle downtime, which causes transportation delays and lies at the root of today’s over reliance on private vehicles.

The company was founded with a simple premise in mind: making public transportation reliable by eliminating vehicle breakdowns and improving operational efficiency would incentivise more people to choose the bus over their own car.

Stratio realised that transport operators, despite possessing an extensive arsenal of tools, were still lacking visibility over their main asset: the vehicle. They were essentially operating like a doctor without access to X-ray technology – doing something impressive, but without a level of visibility that would make their job 100 times easier.

To address this issue, Stratio spent 5 years investing in research and development to automate the agnostic collection of vehicle technical data from built-in sensors and create a rich, contextual database. Unlike other players in the predictive maintenance space, this means Stratio can deploy its technology across all types of fleets, typically leveraging 10 times more parameters (data, temperatures, pressures, etc.) from different components and systems.


stratio automotive


Access to vehicle technical data from all brands, models, and technology (including zero-emission vehicles) allowed Stratio to build its proprietary AI and ML models that identify data patterns that may indicate a failure, effectively turning vehicle data into actionable intelligence that operators can use to prevent breakdowns. This results in saved costs and increased operational efficiency, leading to more reliable transport services that the public can trust.

Stratio is already partnering with 5 of the 10 world’s largest transport operators – including GoAhead, Keolis, and Arriva – to deliver our shared vision of a future with public transport at its centre. Stratio’s rapid growth led Forestay Capital to lead a $12m Series A funding round in 2021.

The ability to predict failures, prevent breakdowns, and guarantee that vehicles will be able to safely and reliably complete a certain journey results in transport services becoming more reliable, with no emergency breakdowns or unplanned downtime, as well as increased trust in public transport services, leading to a virtuous cycle of increased ridership, reduced private car use, traffic congestion reduction, and improved air quality in our cities.


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