47. Scan.com – Dr Khalid Latief and Jasper Nissim

Dr Khalid Latief and Jasper Nissim (1)

Company: Scan.com

Founders: Dr Khalid Latief, Jasper Nissim, Charlie Bullock (CEO) and Oliver Knight (COO)

Website: https://uk.scan.com

Business: Scan.com is a diagnostic imaging platform that aims to make medical imaging more accessible.


About Dr Khalid, Jasper and Scan.com

Scan.com was founded in 2017 with a mission to make medical imaging more accessible. Backed by a network of over 150 partner scanning centres, the diagnostic imaging platform makes it easy to find and book self-pay scans such as MRI, CT and ultrasound, with no waiting lists or GP referrals.

Every booking includes a complete package of care with a clinician phone consultation, referral letter, scan and results completed in as little as one week. For clinicians and therapists, Scan.com also offers a portal where healthcare professionals can easily refer their patients for imaging, and a proprietary API through which digital health providers can offer easier imaging pathways to their users as well.




The company began after two clinicians, Jasper Nissim (registered osteopath) and Dr Khalid Latief (consultant radiologist) noticed the administrative difficulties and long waiting times when referring patients for imaging, and the fact that a lot of independent MRI machines were not at full capacity.

They formed a team alongside Charlie Bullock (CEO) and Oliver Knight (COO), and built a platform to connect patients with the imaging they need, at affordable prices, with no waiting lists or administrative burdens. Since then, Scan.com has raised a $2.2m seed round in 2021, and a $2.5m extension over summer 2022, launched in the USA, and is now closing its Series A, which will be announced at the end of 2022.

In the next 12 months, Scan.com will continue growing its infrastructure presence as the go-to API for diagnostic imaging, for researchers, insurers, and large Telehealth providers.

In the USA, the next 12 months will see Scan.com scaling up from its hyper-local launch in Atlanta, Georgia, to become a national player. Expanding to the USA and building a team there had its challenges, with an entirely new industry to learn, a new platform to build, and a brand new team to hire. Still, Scan.com USA went from idea to the first sale in 9 months, and is now firmly established in Atlanta with big plans to expand in 2023.


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