Company: APPII

Founder:  Adi Ben-Ari, Brian McNulty and Gary McKay

Website: appii.io

Business: A career verification, management and recruitment platform, utilising blockchain technology to verify a candidate’s credentials and more.



APPII, aptly named after the Latin word for farsighted, is helping to advance the recruitment process, making it easier to find and validate top talent in a time and cost-effective way.

Recruitment can often be a long and frustrating process for both employers and candidates, however, APPII believe that connecting top talent to their dream roles should be quick, efficient and effortless.

Driven by this belief, APPII was founded in March 2016, all three of the founders having worked with blockchain in the past, and all wanting to revolutionise the fundamental practices of the staffing and resourcing sector. The founders wanted to bring individuals closer to their dream jobs by having their achievements and history verified.

APPII uses blockchain technology to check and verify candidate’s backgrounds, as well as their career history. Through the platform, individuals are verified initially through biometric identification, after which their career assertions are logged and further confirmed.




The company state:

“We believe that having the credentials of an individuals CV verified by educators or accreditors and former employers is of enormous benefit. Also, providing unbounded access to candidates or open roles reduces the time to find talent and employers, significantly reducing hiring costs, and increasing productivity.”

So far, APPII have raised a total of £460,000 over the course of two funding rounds – one seed and one pre-seed.