71. Long Shot Drinks


Company: Long Shot Drinks 

Founder: Hugo Hodgson

Website: longshotdrinks.co.uk

Business: A drinks company offering alcoholic, fruit-infused hard seltzers that are low in sugar, suitable for vegans and all with no additives.


About Long Shot Drinks

Founded in 2019, Long Shot Drinks offers a “no-nonsense blend” of fruit, alcohol and sparkling water. So far, the startup have a range of different flavours available, including grapefruit, raspberry & blackcurrant and strawberry & rhubarb. All Long Shot Drinks products are low in sugar, gluten free, suitable for vegans and hold zero additives.

The idea for Long Shot Drinks was born out of the rising popularity of hard seltzers, being both refreshing and bursting full of flavour. However, many of these drinks are filled with artificial ingredients, something which the startup was inspired to change.




Therefore, “Fuelled by a rebellious spirit, a thirst for adventure and a healthy dose of blind optimism” founder Hugo Hodgson left his job as a Chartered Surveyor in London to pursue Long Shot Drinks. Hodgson had no background in the beverage industry before, simply an “entrepreneurial spirit and a good idea”.

Since then, the Long Shot Drinks team have been on a mission to create a hard seltzer with natural ingredients. The founder states:

“Whilst alcohol will never be healthy as such, Long Shot will always offer that cleaner, simpler alternative to current RTDs. We struggled to find many RTDs under 100 calories, especially ones that tasted any good – so are very excited to see how our super-tasty 70 calories take on things goes down.”