72. Rave Coffee

Company: Rave Coffee

Founder: Rob and Vikki Hodge

Website: ravecoffee.co.uk

About: Both Rob and Vikki, Rave’s coffee-loving founders gave up corporate careers and ventured to Australia where they sought to start a mobile coffee van business. Rave now boasts an impressive selection of speciality coffees and a simple, yet delicious offering via their Cirencester-based roastery and coffee shop.


About Rave Coffee

Rave Coffee source their beans from around the world, including from the likes of Central and South America, Africa and even further afield, bringing customers and coffee enthusiasts, a simple, yet delicious offering of coffee beans and grounds. Working with the coffee plantations and farmers from where their coffee comes, Rave also have some impressive credentials when it comes to sustainability and CSR. Such is their desire and drive for quality that Rave source coffee that scores 82 points or above on the SCA scale for quality for all blends; and 84+ for our single origins as a minimum starting point. In simple terms, their standards when it comes to coffee are higher than most others, delivering affordable yet remarkable quality coffee every time.