55. Birdie

Company: Birdie

Website: https://birdie.care/

Founder: Max Parmentier, Gwen Le Calvez, Abeed Mohamed.

Business: Birdie is one of the UK-based startups heading the AgeTech scene. What exactly does the company do? It is a care technology platform that is aimed at helping professionals in the care sector, as well as families, to help provide better and safer elderly care, all from the comfort of their own home.

How does Birdie work? Through their app, it is possible for caregivers to record visiting notes, meaning the entire circle of care are able to track key information about the elderly person’s wellbeing. Birdie also provides sensors around the home to detect incidents, as well as provide health alters in real-time through their advanced health analytics. As a result, Birdie has helped to increase transparency about caregiving, and provided a tailored experience to all involved, at a flexible price point.

What led to the creation of Birdie? After co-founder, Max Parmentier saw the decline of his granddad after he moved into a care home, it became clear just how much our society was struggling with ageing and high-standards of elderly care.

Birdies ultimate vision, is to help positively impact the life of millions, and help to create a society where people can age with confidence.