20. Climb Online

Company Name: Climb Online

Website: https://climb-online.co.uk/

Founders: Mark Wright and Lord Sugar

Business: Climb Online is a digital marketing agency that helps develop the growth of businesses globally through methods such as Social Media, SEO and Digital Branding.

This was universally selected by our other judges.

Climb Online helps businesses to boost their online presence and reach a wider customer base through a mix of such digital marketing methods as social media, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and digital branding incl. web design.

Founded in 2014 and launched at the start of 2015, Climb Online is a marketing agency driven on results. Working for over 400 businesses and supported by Lord Alan Sugar, it is no wonder this impressive startup has become a multi-million-pound company.

Founded by Mark Wright, former winner of BBC’s Apprentice and a self-taught specialist in digital marketing, Climb Online has a projected turnover for the end of 2018/2019’s financial year of £10 million.

The company has also won many awards for its astonishingly rapid success, including Entrepreneur’s Team of Year in the Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2018 and being acknowledged with a Google Premier Partner Status. The startup has accomplished an impressive amount in the past five years, Wright commenting that his business has “exceeded growth objectives and so much more”, and that with his “great team, great product and a booming industry. Nothing can stop us.”

The company has stood out to ‘Do Digital Differently’ through the range of different and alternative services, attracting an impressive and extensive client base; made up of over 400 businesses both within the UK and across the globe, and include such big names as Groupon, Emirates and C.V. Library.

In addition to this, Climb Online will be launching its first business event on 30th June, called Climb Con, which will include guest speakers such as Lord Sugar and Piers Morgan.