19. Goodlord

Company: Goodlord

Website: https://www.goodlord.co/

Founder: Tom Mundy and Richard White

Business: What has led Goodlord to reach the TechRound 100? The ‘proptech‘ startup is the very first digital system that has built a software platform that deals with the entirety of the tenancy setup process. This includes all the administrative duties such as referencing forms, contracts and application forms.

As a result, Goodlord has managed to streamline the renting process considerably for agents, landlords and tenants across the UK. In addition, for agencies, it helps to significantly reduce costs, as well as improve conversion rates with market-leading, in-house products.

What gave the founders of Goodlord the idea to create the startup? They knew that the renting process model was outdated, making it incredibly time-consuming for all parties involved. That was why Goodlord came to fruition in 2014, with the aim of making more efficient the lettings process, as well as improve customer experience and also create new revenue streams too.