18. Dash Water

Company: Dash Water

Website: https://dash-water.com/

Founders: Alex Wright and Jack Scott

Business: The British startup creates sparkling spring water infused with wonky fruit and vegetables (that may otherwise be thrown away, going completely to waste).

All drinks by Dash Water have no sugar, no sweeteners and they are also completely free of calories too, making them a perfectly satisfying but healthy drink. Popular flavours include Lemon, Cucumber and Raspberry.


All Dash Water drinks are made from just three ingredients in total  and the founders of the company have the mission of completely altering the soft drinks market as we know it. They hope to help hydrate the nation as well as help to reduce food waste in a fun, sustainable way, whilst using high quality, naturally good ingredients. Stockists so far of Dash Water include Boots, Whole Foods, Ocado, BP and Selfridges.

Founded in 2017 and with its headquarters based in London, both the founders Alex Wright and Jack Scott had previously worked in the food and drinks industry prior to deciding to create the company.

The idea for the company came about when they found it difficult to find anything in the shops that was simply a water bottle infused with fresh fruit and vegetables (which they both brought into the office each day), so they decide to create a drink that was exactly that.