17. Serac Homes

Company Name: Serac Homes

Website: https://www.serachomes.com/

Founders: Brandon Johnson

Business: Serac Homes is a property development business, designing and constructing stunning, top-quality homes in both London and the surrounding area.

Founded in 2017 by one of the youngest self-made millionaires in the UK, Serac Homes is a property development company designing and building homes in London and its surrounding areas. The company is set to launch two new classic homes in WD19, London. This exciting new start-up has been the most recent development in a long an impressive history of entrepreneurship from the UK’s youngest property developer – 19 year-old Brandon Johnson.


Brandon Johnson’s passion for business started at the age of 12, where the CEO claims to have made his first small profit. Johnson’s Dad had taken him to a World War II memorabilia fare where the young entrepreneur laid eyes on a £12 silver coin from the Royal Mint England. After a quick Google to see how much the coin was worth online, Johnson made a £12 profit on it. This fuelled a business venture into selling similar coins in larger quantities around the world.

It was at age 17 that Brandon Johnson decided to get involved with the property industry. After seeing how much a piece of land sold for along the street of his family home, Johnson then created Serac Homes – awaiting the launch of two London homes each worth £825,000.

In an interview for The One Show, the teenage property developer stated that “if everything goes according to plan in the next 12 months, we should have another 6 houses being built, which would mean by the time I’m 21 I’ll have a property portfolio of over £5 million.”

Johnson sees his future business pursuits very much within the field of property development, one of his future aspirations being to build a skyscraper in London, and to leave his “footprint on the London skyline,” claiming that “if someone else can put a building like that up there, why can’t I?”