16. Presscription Juices

Company Name: Presscription Juices

Website: https://www.presscription.co.uk/

Founders: Mitch Minton and Ria Semp

Business: Presscription Juices is a juice company, offering 100% raw and unpasteurised alternative milks and juices.

Co-founded by Mitch Minton and Ria Semp, the juice company Presscription Juices offers a wide range of alternative milks and fresh cold-pressed juices for its customers to enjoy. The company uses the highest quality produce for its juices, expertly formulated by a team of top nutritionists and chefs into the delicious, nutritional products offered.

Presscription use cold-press machines as this retains a lot of the nutrients inside the content of its products that is otherwise lost with the more commonly used juicing methods which heat and oxidise the juice, compromising the integrity of its initial nutritional value.

Presscription Juices are expanding constantly, adamantly keeping up with the latest trends in the consumer market. One of their latest plans currently released is the company’s work with Amanda Hamilton, a top nutritionist guiding Presscription Juices in its developing range of products that combat against some major health issues faced by a lot of people today. These include bad blood sugar levels, issues surrounding weight, gut issues and inflammation.


Some of the different cleanses Presscription Juices has to offer can be found on their website here, offering customers the freedom to choose how long they would like their cleanse for and adjusting the cleanse package accordingly to meet such requirements.

What makes this company part of this top 100 is its perseverance and dedication to its product, keeping up with the global $4.2 trillion wellness industry and its fierce, ever-growing competition; Presscription Juices’s co-founder Mitch Minton stated in an interview conducted by TechRound that “The most valuable thing as a young entrepreneur is to keep moving, when something doesn’t work pivot and try something new.”