15. SM Creps

Company Name: SM Creps

Website: https://www.instagram.com/sm_creps/

Founders: Sam Morgan

Business: SM Creps is a personal shopper service, run exclusively by 17-year-old Sam Morgan and catering to celebrities and Premier League footballers.

In 2017, Sam Morgan, the founder of SM Creps  started an Instagram page offering his services as a personal shopper. Although simple, Sam Morgan’s services were not those of the average personal shopper, with the CEO sourcing limited edition, hard-to-find designer clothing to his clients from the likes of Gucci, Versace and more.

The impressive young personal shopper has had a business-driven mind from a young age. From selling sweets around the playground at the age of 11 to developing a more fashion-orientated business by 13; Sam’s love for fashion has flourished into an extremely lucrative business. Not only has Sam created a successful company, he has also managed to balance this ever-growing empire alongside school work – having recently completed A-Levels in psychology, economics and maths.

Sam Morgan has stated his company’s success is down to the fact that ‘I can get them stuff that isn’t available in shops, usually because the items are rare, limited or sold out. But shopping with me is also hassle-free. They can text me what they are looking for, and I’ll find it through my contacts and deliver to them.’

After the personal shopper’s first client (Cohen Bramall) knowledge of SM Creps was spread fast around the professional footballer community. Bramall introduced Sam to both Joe and Chris Willock, which then started a chain of introductions and a growing list of new clients. The company has now grown to staggering new heights, having a client base of over 300 professional footballers which includes the likes of Heung Ming Son, Mesut Ozil, and Paul Pogba.

Although only two years into SM Creps, the business has already had considerably large deals, with one customer having spent a staggering £22,000 in one go. Already having grown to exciting heights in such little time, who knows what incredible developments await the future of this innovative personal shopping business.