14. Nez

Company Name: Nez

Website: https://joinnez.com/

Founder: Joe Zender

Business: An app that finds great offers and deals at top-quality restaurants, cafes and bars all within London.

Founded by Joe Zender, the app Nez was developed for the purpose of helping Londoners find offers and deals at the top restaurants close to their location. The app has been around for just over two years, however, it has received a great response from consumers, having recently hit the 100,000 user mark.

The app is free to download, requires no upfront payments or credit/debit card details, and has automatic Bluetooth verification to make offer verification quick, hassle-free and overall very easy to use.



Nez prides itself on the following four main factors: delivering on-demand footfall, improving awareness of local brands, saving the consumer’s money, and providing variety and choice to the consumer.

Nez helps its partners to entice new customers through the offers they post on the app, which can help to increase the sheer number of customers and reoccurring/loyal customers into the business. Not only this, Nez allows its partners access to the apps insights, meaning businesses can see reviews and feedback from consumers. By being more informed on what the consumer wants, businesses can adapt the way they run for the better.

It also gives companies the ability to directly advertise their business to consumers within the local area, further raising awareness to local brands in a city where being noticed is difficult and fiercely competitive.

Nez saves the consumers money on meals and drinks out, giving them a wide variety of choice on where to go, whilst also increasing the revenue of the places offering the meals and drinks. This subsequently creates a win-win environment, helping both the consumers and their local businesses.

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