13. Erase All Kittens


Company: Erase All Kittens

Website: https://eraseallkittens.com/

Founders: Dee Saigal, Leonie Van Der Linde

Business: Erase All Kittens is a revolutionary, online platform game that inspires children aged between 8-14 to learn to code online.

It is aiming primarily to change girls perception of coding, and empower them with the creative skills and coding tools needed in the future. Estimates suggest that as many as 65% of today’s children will end up becoming employed in jobs that as of yet, do not exist. As we become more and more reliant on technology, it is become increasingly important for children to have a strong knowledge of coding.

How does Erase All Kittens work?

The startup, created by a female-founded team in 2014, is led by Dee Saigal, who previously worked as an advertising creative, and Leonie, an illustrator, is already partnered with organisations including Microsoft Education, MIT Solve, Creative England and CoderDojo. The co-founders are passionate about providing girls from a young age with the tools needed so that they have the ability to succeed in whichever career path they choose.

The founders have placed a huge emphasis on creativity and making coding fun through an interactive story-driven game. Players are able to see instant results whilst they learn to code, and the game also introducse important topics such as entrepreneurism and empathy to gamers too.