12. Jack’s Flight Club


Company Name: Jack’s Flight Club

Website: https://jacksflightclub.com/

Founders: Jack Sheldon

Business: Jack’s Flight Club flags up great airline deals (often mistaken fares) and sends them to customers via an email newsletter.

Founded in 2016 by Jack Sheldon, Jack’s Flight Club uses a computer program to hunt for the best airline deals from around the globe. These deals are usually down to either an unannounced flash sale or errors in the form of a “mistake fare”. A mistake fare is an error that has been made by an airline, which can reduce the cost of a flight by a jaw-dropping 99%.


A mistake fare occurs when an error in the price of a flight has occurred, this can be down to many reasons, including issues with currency conversion, airport tax, and often as simple as a manual error. Airlines can also run unannounced flash sales, Sheldon has previously explained that if airlines do not meet their projected sales “they’ll do a little flash sale to get back to normal.”

Jack’s Flight Club and his team of highly skilled workers cover all the main airline sites, sending off the best flight deals as and when they pop up.

It was through catching a few of these deals himself that Sheldon found inspiration for Jack’s Flight Club, and has since dedicated his time to finding the best possible deals out there. The founder built this impressive start-up on the ethos that “people should be able to see the world and explore new places on any budget.” Something which his company has definitely helped people to do.

Jack’s Flight Club currently have over 1 million members signed up to their newsletter, and has saved its customers an estimated £20 million in airline fairs in just the last 12 months.