39. Closed Loop Medicine

Company: Closed Loop Medicine

Website: https://www.closedloopmedicine.com/

Founders: Dr Hakim Yadi OBE, Dr Paul Goldsmith, Dr Felicity Sartain and Dr David Cox

Business: Closed Loop Medicine is a pioneering therapeutics companies, combining proven drug treatments with digital therapeutics.

Founded in 2017, the startup is helping doctors and healthcare providers to deliver personalised treatment regimens to patients through digital therapeutics.




Digital therapeutics is driven by high quality software programs, delivering evidence-based therapeutic interventions to patients, preventing, managing, or treating medical disorders or diseases. This means patients receive their optimum outcome faster than what could be achieved through more traditional methods. Using data and insights about how a patient is responding to treatment, Closed Loop Medicine tailors drug and non-drug based therapy to the individual.

In the current healthcare system, patient treatment is slowed down by the feedback loop. Due of the strain on our healthcare system, patients can wait weeks or even months to see a doctor and give feedback on the effects of their treatment.

Closed Loop Medicine is offering a solution, with real time data capture and using feedback from treatments to personalise care. By closing the feedback loop, the startup is hoping it can tackle major health concerns faster and more accurately. Hence the name ‘Closed Loop Medicine.’

The exciting prospect of faster and more accurate, personalised healthcare has meant the Cambridge-based health tech startup recently raised £2.1 million in venture capital funding.