40. HOU

Company Name: HOU (the Cheeky Chickpea Company)

Website: https://houloveshou.com

Founders: Harry Tyndall and Jake Finn

Business: HOU is the UK’s first sweet houmous food product, produced by the Cheeky Chickpea Company.

Developed in 2018, HOU is a product from the two founders’ company – the Cheeky Chickpea Company. HOU is the UK’s first sweet houmous food brand, available in the following three flavours: Choc-O-Chick, Mixed Berry and Banoffee. With a great initial range in flavours, this product brings an exciting, sweet twist onto this traditionally savoury treat.


The product was inspired by founder Harry Tyndall when diagnosed with both gout and kidney stones. Those who have either of these conditions have to stick to a very restricted diet indefinitely to reduce the chance of flare ups from the condition. The HOU co-founder says that one of the most difficult things about his diagnosis was that he has a “terrible sweet tooth” and has had to restrict his diet from his previous sugary habits.

Tyndall states that when he was out in the shops “looking for something sweet, non-rich, non-dairy” it suddenly dawned on him – “I wonder if there’s any sweet hummus, and I realised there wasn’t.” After this revelation, Tyndall enlisted the help of experienced chef Jake Finn, and together they created HOU.

All HOU products are suitable for vegans, as well as being gluten, dairy and nut free, and a fantastically healthier alternative to a lot of other sweet treat product out there. Both Tyndall and Finn plan on making many more HOU flavours, offering up a healthy delicious alternative to a lot of junk food products, Tyndall claiming that “We see the chocolate flavour as a competitor to chocolate spreads; the mixed berry flavour to jam and the Banoffee pie to nut butters. They are far healthier than any of those, with much lower saturated fats.’