11. Forces Compare


Company: Forces Compare

Founder: Alfie Usher

Website: forcescompare.uk

The Business: A price comparison site specialising in helping soldiers and veterans save money on insurance, finance and claims.


About Forces Compare

Forces Compare was launched in 2019 by ex-soldier Alfie Usher. After serving 10-years in the British parachute regime and becoming a civilian or ‘civvy’ for the first time, Usher discovered that soldiers were being over-charged for basic financial products such as credit cards, loans and insurance.

“In many cases, soldiers are instantly denied loans or credit cards, but there is no reason that all soldiers should fall under the same bracket. The same applies for insurance, where if approved, they are heavily overcharged or they are required to pay cover on army bases where the prices are inflated.”

“However,” he continues “Soldiers are usually more trained in driving vehicles than the average civilians and in terms of income, theirs is more stable than any other business, regardless of recession or coronavirus.”

Usher spent a year-and-a-half finding a range of partners that could offer policies and finance to soldiers and veterans with better approval and lower rates. Despite launching 9 months ago, the site already generates over 50,000 visitors per month and has already underwritten over £250,000 worth of policies.

The average soldier or veteran saves between £350 to £700 on car insurance per year than going to rival insurers or price comparisons.


Usher started Forces Compare after seeing soldiers denied or overcharged for insurance and loans


Willing to challenge the norm, the army-preneur is often known for making headlines through is social media and has developed a large following of over 100,000 people through his group Fill Your Boots.

The website continues to add more products, with credit cards and bank accounts on the horizon for Q4 this year.

“We focused initially on insurance and personal loans, but eventually we want to offer soldiers and their families the best financial products available. We want to be able to tell people, you don’t have to go to GoCompare or MoneySupermarket – Forces Compare can offer you everything you need.”