52. Huggg

Company: Huggg

Website: https://huggg.me/

Founder: Paul Wickers

Business: Huggg is an exciting new app that enables you to send food and drink to your friends, whenever you want!

Using Huggg is easy: all you need to do is download the app, which is free to use, choose a huggg, pay and then send it to your friend or family member. Popular things to send include a coffee, cinema tickets or an ice cream. Recipients of a huggg can go to an active outlet in either London, Bristol or Bath, with long-term intentions of the company to extend locations to elsewhere around the country too.


The founder, Paul thought of the idea back in 2014, when he was working as a banker. When he was researching the greeting card market for a particular project at work, he thought of the idea for the company: why not provide something akin to a digital greeting card, with a gift for the recipient, through our smartphone? They wanted to create something new and improved from the dated e-card, and this was how Huggg first got off the ground, with its offices now based in Bristol.