53. MyTutor

Company: MyTutor

Website: https://www.mytutor.co.uk/

Founders: Robert Grabiner, James Grant and Bertie Hubbard

Business: An online network of excellent tutors that makes private lessons accessible for everyone.

MyTutor is a London-based EdTech startup that aims to change the world of private tutoring as we know it.

One of the fundamental motives behind the company was the known correlation between grades, life chances and career progression. The founders were well aware of the fact that for many, one-to-one tuition can often be out of reach for a large number of families in the UK.




This was down to a number of reasons, such as being too expensive or there was not much availability to start with. MyTutor tackles all these issues head on. Every lesson is tailored to the individual pupil, and works around the busy schedule of families.

Its founders, such as Robert, had previously experienced first hand as a father the difficulty of finding a good tutor. Whilst co-founders James, an entrepreneur, and Bertie, previously an analyst, are both passionate about helping disadvantaged children do better in school.

The startup’s mission to provide ‘life-changing tuition for all’ has been extremely successful so far for MyTutor: they have given over 250,000 lessons so far.