31. Imagen Insights

Company: Imagen Insights

Founders: Jay Richards and Cat Agostinho

Website: imageninsights.com

Business: Offering insight directly from Gen Z to guide brands and agencies



About Imagen Insights

Imagen Insights connects brands and agencies with their Gen Z consultant community. They promise to provide “brutally honest insights” about products, marketing and branding. Their idea is to get the unfiltered opinion of Gen Z for brands to know what the market really thinks and match the brands of today to the consumers of tomorrow.

True to their philosophy, they relaunched their brand as Imagen in March 2020 after some (brutally honest) feedback from Gen Z! The company was officially founded in 2018. Imagen works collaboratively with companies and their community of Gen X consultants  aged 16-24 years old to obtain exactly the data needed. They provide tailor-made market studies and briefs.

Aside from Imagen Insights, Jay Richards is committed to increasing diversity in the workplace and encouraging those from a disadvantaged background to start their own businesses.  Cat Agostinho invests her time in the development of women in the workplace and the personal and professional development of women.