41. Jecca Blac


Company: Jecca Blac

Founder: Jessica Blackler

Website: jeccablac.com

About: Jecca Blac is a gender-free makeup brand that celebrates all makeup wearers, currently sold online and also in Walmart.


About Jecca Blac

After working as a make-up artist, Jessica Blackler was giving private makeup lessons and started receiving requests from people who were experimenting with makeup for the first time.

“Most of my clients were trans women who wanted to understand how to apply makeup to suit their needs,” she recalls.

“I was inspired by my clients to create a brand that overlooked gender and concentrated more on beauty. I found that clients would have similar makeup concerns and I wanted to create solutions for my clients.”

Jecca Blac’s first product was created to cover beard shadow but can also be used to cover all over base. All of the products are still inspired by their customers and they have built a community around the brand that massively contributes to our brands direction and growth.

The brand’s make up is proudly gender-free, vegan and cruelty-free.




Popular products include the Glow Drops Primer and Correct & Conceal Palette (above).

The brand has received backlash, but that does not stop them from working toward their goals.

“We want to break down stigma behind the beauty industry and thankfully we have an amazing community to help turn backlash into an opportunity to educate.” Blackler confirms.