93. LandTech

Company: LandTech

Founder: Jonny Britton and Andrew Moist

Website: land.tech

Business: The UK’s fastest-growing PropTech company providing land data and helping businesses assess property opportunities.


About LandTech

LandTech, founded in 2014, has revolutionised the property market by providing land data which is accessible online.

Founders Andrew and Jonny combined forces to redesign property development using Jonny’s property experience and Andrew’s tech knowledge. Through this they aimed to make finding and assessing sites easier for those looking to built a property. They began by launching LandInsight. This platform allowed users to find and assess off-market opportunities efficiently and confidently. At LandTech, they source and assess the properties so that all the developers need to do is close the deal. From that, they grew to launch LandEnhance in order to speed up and provide accurate answers for planning applications.

LandTech cut out the need for extensive research about buying land and instead give developers a platform with all the information they need in one place. They allow developers to find off-market sites efficiently, contact owners and assess development opportunities.Real estate companies, such as Savills, have also capitalised on this tech development.

Since their beginnings, they have managed to secure funding and become the fastest-growing PropTech company in the UK worth nearly £3m.